Maple Aquatics, Dereham, Norfolk. Estwe also have a good selection of goldfish. 2005

Here at Maple Aquatics, we have a large selection of tropical and freshwater fish.

We stock a range of dry goods for both aquariums and ponds. These include air pumps, filters and UV systems. We also have a variety of tanks, both new and used, in all shapes and sizes at competitive prices. Although we don't stock marine fish, we do stock marine essentials and accessories.

We sell an assortment of fish food from goldfish flakes to frozen bloodworm. We also stock various treatments and water conditioners to keep your fish happy and healthy.

The shop also has available:

  • Birdseed

  • Plants

  • Pike fishing ¬†frozen dead baits

Feel free to call or visit the shop for help and advice from our knowledgeable staff. If we don't have the fish or items available, we are able to special order them for you!